Mid-South gun stores see record sales this holiday shopping season

HORN LAKE, Miss. — Many gun stores across the Mid-South say Black Friday and the days leading up to it set record sales.

One shop owner told FOX13 they nearly doubled their gun sales this Black Friday, and they had their best sales day ever.

Danny Metcalf said last year he sold about 70 guns on Black Friday. This year he sold about 125.

He said the reason for people buying guns this time of year varies.

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Rickie Smith lives in Horn Lake. He was shopping for guns early Monday morning.

“Not only for crime but for home defense and myself, I can carry legally, and a lot of people like to go hunting and so it’s that time of the year,” Smith said.

Adrian Terry of Horn Lake said the upcoming election and talk of a ban on certain weapons has been helping sales.

“Every time they talked about banning things like AR-15s they sold like hotcakes,” he said.

Multiple gun store owners around the Mid-South told FOX13 customers tell them they are buying weapons because of crime.

“But mainly people want to be able to defend themselves because of the crime rate, Terry said. “You step out the front door now and you don’t know what is going to happen to you.”

According to Fox Business, gun sales are expected to climb this Christmas because of public and political pressure for stricter gun laws. But experts do not expect 2019 to beat the record of more than 17 million guns sold in one year. That record was set in 2016, the last presidential election year.