• Mid-South homeowners preparing for flash flooding chances due to heavy rains overnight

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Flash flooding is going to threaten the entire Mid-South throughout the night and into Friday. 

    West Memphis is one of several areas at risk when severe flooding comes our way.

    The last time there was severe flooding in there Memphis, a man nearly drowned in a body of water next to Southland because the water got too high.

    Someone saved his life. 

    FOX13 also visited Harbor Town. That’s another area where homeowners are preparing for the heavy rains. 

    Those homeowners are taking extra steps to protect their belongings while the Mid-South is bracing for flash flooding. 

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    Ashley Parsons remembers the recent flooding in February that left behind a lot of trash and debris along the River Front in downtown Memphis. The river continued to rise for days.

    “When the water rises, debris and things like that are brought up and can basically trash the roads,” she said. 

    A spokesperson with the city of Memphis said storm equipment and personnel are on standby to respond to flooding related emergencies over the next 48 hours.    

    Channing Hoover said that’s refreshing because she remembers when Island Drive was closed for weeks due to flooding.  

    “It’s terrifying,” she said.

    City leaders are reminding homeowners that clearing gutters and nearby storm drains can help reduce the chances of residential flooding.  

    “Just because the river rises and that would be a major concern of mine, just the safety of my home, valuables,” Parsons said.

    Parsons said she also sees people driving recklessly in the heavy rain even though streets are closed.

    “I’ve seen that not just down here but just anywhere in Memphis that the road gets flooded and they think that they can get through and they’re stuck, and it gets all the way up into their car,” Parsons said.

    You should never drive in standing water. If you have additional problems, report it to drain maintenance at 901-357-0100.

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