• Mid-South residents express disappointment with new townhome construction

    By: Jacque Masse


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Some Midtown residents are not happy with the four-unit townhomes that were approved by the Land Use Control Board, by a five to four vote. 

    Some residents were already unhappy because the developer is almost finished building other townhomes off Jefferson Avenue.

    The new townhomes will look exactly the same and be located across the street.  

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    People who live in the neighborhood said the townhomes are a major eyesore and do not fit in well with their neighborhood's design

    “This particular building looms over our neighborhood, it changes the character, the way we live,” said Sharon Young who lives off Jefferson Avenue. 

    Young, who has lived in midtown for 20 years, spoke out against the development during a meeting, along with dozens of neighbors. 

    “This is a big problem for us in terms of how we see it, it's very emotional,” Young said.

    The developer Laurynas Petrauskas said he is surprised by the opposition because he spoke to nearby residents and owners who told him they were okay with the townhomes being built.

    Will Muller also lives in the neighborhood and said the townhomes are blocking the view from outside his home.

    “We aren’t against things coming in, we want more people in the neighborhood but its just gigantic,” Muller said.

    During the meeting, chairman Jon McCreery spoke in favor of the townhomes and how it could increase the property value of the neighborhood.

    “I like the idea of a guy trying to do something different and re-energize the block,” McCreery said. 

    The townhome's construction will move forward but residents plan on stopping it.

    Young told FOX13 the residents will make an appeal to the city council.

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