Mid-South residents voice concerns over local Kroger conditions

WATCH: Mid-South residents voice concerns over local Kroger conditions

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South Kroger is under the microscope after several customers say they've had concerns for months.

Yvonne Nelson, the organizer for a community group called "MyZIP" took photos last week at her neighborhood Kroger on Shelby Drive in Whitehaven.

PHOTOS: Mid-South residents voice concerns over local Kroger conditions  

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Nelson told FOX13, "why are you taking the community's money and not giving the community a quality product. I have a problem with that, MyZIP has a problem with that."

The group reported their complaints to the Shelby County Health Department.

Two days later, health inspectors made an unannounced visit.

Inspectors say they found ten violations, including flies in the meat prep area, dirty shelves in the meat department, flies in the deli and dirty floors in the bakery area.

"It's so disheartening, it really is a vast difference when I shop here, when I shop across stateline, when I shop in East Memphis," Nelson said.

A report from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture shows the Whitehaven Kroger score dropped from a 93 this past March to an 81 after this most recent visit.

Kasia Smith-Alexander, an Environmental Health Administrator, told FOX13 "they need to clean. They need to look at their product, rotate their product out and make sure they are removing the product that has expired from the shelves, cleaning every day."

The health department says they normally visit grocery stores every 18 months. This Kroger store had three inspections last year.

In a statement to FOX13, a Kroger spokesperson said, "Kroger Delta Division is moving forward to complete the $750,000 refresh of the Whitehaven store, and we are working with neighborhood leaders to uplift our store, associates and the community."

According to the health department, there have to be major violations in order for a store to be closed down, like a sewage backup or fire damage in the sore."

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