• Mid-Southerners endure icy roads

    By: Jerrita Patterson


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Friday morning, Old Man Winter left his calling card.

    "I really didn't want to come out in it, but being the man of the house you have to make a living," driver Otis Davis said. "So I had to make the drive."

    It was a a dreaded drive many across the Mid-South were forced to make. From Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas, the roads were covered with snow. Drivers like Otis Davis said staying alert made for a safer commute.

    "Everybody has been taking it easy, giving the other drivers their space," Davis said.   

    Unfortunately, there were a few accidents along the way. However, sand was also brought in to help those like Jimmy Jackson get around easier. 

    "I left Memphis around 5 this morning, headed to Forrest City and came back on 64 through Wynne," Jackson said. "It's been pretty good."

    Preparation was also key to getting around, and for Jackson, that meant staying tuned in to FOX13.

    "I think you all did a good job in prepping us for it," Jackson said. "You all have been talking about it for several days now. We knew it was coming."

    Drivers said it wasn't the snow that was most concerning, instead it was what was underneath--ice, as the frozen precipitation can make an already difficult travel become dangerous in just a matter of seconds.

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