• Mild winter weather could cause pet problems

    By: Shelby Sansone


    COLLIERVILLE, TN - Parasites are a concern for animals, especially since the mild winter temperatures did not kill them off.

    Dr. Kassie Newton of The Pet Hospital in Collierville told FOX13, owners should treat their animals during the entire year in the Mid-South.

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    She said fleas and ticks can be treated with over the counter medicine that can be bought at Walmart or Petco.

    “Things like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other types of diseases that can be transmitted by those external parasites,” she said.

    However, the biggest concerns are heartworms. They are spread through mosquitos. Some owners buy treatment for this from veterinarian offices only in the warm months.

    “But, when you have a very mild winter especially here in the South, then you can get flare ups much earlier in the season than you normally expect,” Newton said.


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