Millington man arrested after loading up two 12-gauge shotguns inside Walmart

MILLINGTON, Tenn. — Millington Police arrested a man after pulling out three 12-gauge shotguns and loading two of them with ammo.

Larry L. Hobock, 29, was taken into custody early Sunday morning after he tried to rob the Millington Walmart located at 8445 Highway 51. According to police, they responded at 2:36 a.m. to an alarm at the gun case located in the sporting goods section.

The investigation determined, the suspect had used a tool to break into the gun case and then removed the trigger locks from two of the shotguns. The suspect was attempting to remove the third trigger guard when confronted by officers. Officers found the suspect had removed ammunition from store shelves and loaded two of the shotguns with three rounds of ammunition each.

No shots were fired by the suspect or officers and no injuries reported by Wal Mart employees on duty on the time.

Hobock is currently in custody at the Millington Police Department and charged with Aggravated Robbery. He is being held on $250,000 bond. This case is still under investigation and other charges may be added.