Mississippi city installs first SkyCop cameras

After a tough year with a dozen homicides last year, the city of Clarksdale, Mississippi is taking a new approach and putting up SkyCop cameras.

People there say they are seeing a difference.

The first SkyCops went up two weeks ago near the corner of MLK and Garfield. It’s an area residents said used to be the focus of many 911 calls, but it has quickly gotten quiet.

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George Fields lives just around the corner from that neighborhood. He thinks they are already working.

“I think when they see the blue light, I think it is a deterrent. I think things have already changed in the community because of the sky cam,” Fields said.

Gene Joe runs Genes Market on the corner of MLK and Garfield. The cameras went up directly across from his store. He told FOX13 things changed almost immediately.

“I have noticed it is a lot quieter. The kids don’t hang around in the street so much, and if you are up to no good you don’t want video surveillance on it,” Joe said.

Neighbors believe the cameras are money well spent.

“Whatever it takes to get to the root of the problem, the root of the evil, then we are for it,” Fields said.

FOX13 learned the city wants to ultimately place as many as 50 SkyCop cams around town.