Mississippi man pulls gun on Amazon driver delivering package to his home

HERNANDO, Miss. — An Amazon delivery driver was dropping off a package at a home when the unexpected happened – the customer pulled a gun on her.

The driver is contracted by Amazon through the company’s new-to-Memphis program called “Amazon Flex.” These drivers often use their own cars to deliver and they don’t have standard uniforms.

In this driver’s case, she believes it may have happened because few people in the area know about the service.

“I saw the customer coming down the driveway with a gun pointed at me,” Hope Correa told FOX13.

It happened as Correa was delivering a package in Hernando, Miss. as an Amazon Flex driver.

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“I don’t know what I thought,” she said. “It was just kind of like get the package, get out, and then after I left is when I kind of just pulled over and lost it…broke down.”

Correa believes people in Memphis and the surrounding area may mistake her and other drivers for porch pirates because the program is new and relatively unknown.

Instead of being seen as a delivery driver, Correa was mistaken for a possible thief. The end result was chilling.

“I was like 'sir I’m with Amazon. I have a package,’ and he kept coming closer,” Correa explained. “And finally, I said ‘I have a package for you’ and I said the name of the customer. and that’s when he was like ‘oh ok’ and he put his gun in his pocket.”

One reason why the customer may have taken threatening action – the Amazon Flex drivers, in many cases, drive their own vehicles while delivering. They also don’t wear uniforms – only a yellow vest and an orange Amazon badge.

For Correa, the experience was terrifying, and she thinks educating the public about the program would go a long way.

“(I was) just doing my job,” she said. “Nobody deserves to have a gun pulled on them for doing their job.”

FOX13 reached out to Amazon for information regarding the incident. They released the following statement:

"Safety is our top priority and we are thankful the delivery driver is safe."