Mississippi might be gearing up for a brand new water park

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — Investors want to turn an abandoned Tunica casino into a water park. When Harrah’s closed in June of 2014 almost a thousand jobs were lost.

FOX13 found out the county is ready to seal the deal on a massive Mid-South family attraction.

County leaders said two groups out of Jackson, Mississippi are involved in the deal.

The property company that currently owns the old Harrah’s site is working to close the deal with Florida based TJM.

Tunica Businessman Rod Jones told FOX13 he likes the idea.

"I think the draw, building it by the casinos would be helpful because the casinos don't have a draw for children. So most of the adults that come down for the entertainment don't have things to do with their kids. And that hinders them from coming sometimes," Jones said.

The deal on the property could be closed by the end of the year.

As for the building of the water park, the County attorney said the county would issue 80 million in Urban Renewal bonds.  Bonds the county qualifies for because of flooding.

Tunica's Howard Mea has heard the rumblings.

"Yes, that's what I heard was that the bond money was there and the guy put a contract on the Harrah’s casino and they ain't closed yet," Mea said.

We do know that developers have been on site this week. We have reached out to them to find out exactly what the water park is going to look like.

There is also talk of possible development of restaurants and retail shops because of the water park.

"I think that with surrounding counties and big cities like Memphis the place will draw a lot of people. " Jones said.

We have reached out to the investors and property owners. We're waiting to hear back.

FOX13's Tom Dees is in Tunica County working to learn more details about the water park, hear valuable information tonight at 5.

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