Mississippi teacher under fire for alleged racist Facebook post

A Mississippi teacher is out of the classroom after a racist Facebook post was posted to her page.

The post on Cammie Rone's said: "If blacks in this country are so offended, no one is forcing them here. Why don;t they pack up and move back to Africa where they will have to work for a living." It goes on to say the government will 'pay for it.'

In a second post, Rone claims she was hacked. "If anyone knows me I post about cows, recipes, and home improvements. Not racism."

FOX13 confirmed Rone is a teacher at Batesville Intermediate School.

As FOX13 found out parents want teacher Cammie Rone gone.

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Parent Keboni Anderson's Son was in Rone's Class. Anderson liked Rone until now.

"Still wish her well got nothing against her but I don't think she should be teaching anybody's kids if she feels that way,"Anderson said.

In a statement to FOX13's Tom Dees the school district said, "We are aware of the alleged Facebook comment involving one of our employees. That employee has been placed on administrative leave as we continue our investigation into the matter."

Back to Keboni Anderson who says she trusted and liked Rone at First.

"She helped me resolve the problem that my son had in her class you know in her class." Anderson said.

According to the teachers code of conduct in Panola County, Rone could lose her job if it is found she actually wrote the post because it is abusive and unprofessional and racist.