• Mississippi town investigating large number of flat tires caused by nails

    By: Tom Dees


    PANOLA CO., Miss. - More than 30 flat tires in a few weeks have investigators in one Mississippi county wondering if they were caused on accident or not. 

    The Panola County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incidents on backroads near Sardis Lake, and investigators found a box of nails and screws scattered at an intersection on Tuesday.

    Police told FOX13 they believe the box of nails possibly fell from a construction truck accidentally. 

    Residents in the area said they don’t buy it.

    “This long one here is the one we found in the tire. And these little short ones we just picked them up out of the driveway,” said Suzie Mullins.

    Mullins said the nail stuck in her back tire two weeks ago cost her $125 in repairs, but it could have been much worse.

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    “If it’s somebody deliberately doing it they need to be caught because my mother is 96 years old and I am the only one here to take care of her, and we have to have transportation because she has a bad heart and all,” Mullins said.

    Another neighbor said everyone in his family has had a flat tire here recently.

    Johnny Berryhill told FOX13 he has kept parts of every nail and screw that has been pulled out of his wife’s tires.

    Both Berryhill and Mullins agreed the nails were intentional.

    Three of the Panola County Sheriff’s Department’s cruisers have had flats traveling the same roads.

    Panola County EMS told FOX13 in the last week they have gotten calls from drivers with flats on Cold Springs Road, Cline Road, Still Road and Mason Road.

    The Sheriff’s Department said they don’t think it is the work of vandals but they are not 100 percent certain.

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