More jobs will soon be coming to a north Mississippi city

WATCH: More jobs will soon be coming to a north Mississippi city

BATESVILLE, Miss. — When the Batesville Casket company closed its doors in March of 2017, more than 200 people lost their jobs. Two years later, good news is on the horizon because some jobs are coming back.

Blauer Furniture Manufacturing Company bought the old Batesville Casket building and is moving in. The company told FOX13 their business is good, and they intend to bring in 75 more jobs than they initially thought.

Blauer initially announced they would be creating a little more than two hundred jobs at the new Batesville plant. That number recently jumped to 300.

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“We need more jobs in Batesville. A lot of people looking for jobs, and can’t find one, so that would be a good thing,” Quentiria Burdette said.

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County leaders and others who live in the area told FOX13 it means a lot that more dollars are coming in – and are going to be spent locally.

“Spend it on homes and cars and kids. You got to live. Need food and water and shelter to survive,” Burdette explained.

Those jobs are not being advertised yet because the plant is still being renovated.

“I think it is good bringing more jobs. More money out and more money in just all around,” Billy Bramlett of Batesville said.

Those jobs being described as good paying jobs. The plant is set to open in September.