More SkyCop cameras coming to Shelby Co.

WATCH: More SkyCop cameras coming to Shelby Co.

SHELBY Co. — New SkyCop cameras will be spread throughout neighborhoods across Shelby county. 
Residents of met Oct. 10 to figure out where exactly those cameras will be installed.

Several residents were pushing for these surveillance cameras saying, “we have had vandalism in our neighborhood. We had a car that was stolen… and someone is stealing our water when we aren’t there. There have also been a few break-ins at the church.”

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One pastor told FOX13 he believes the solution to fix some of those issues are with SkyCop cameras where everything is monitored in real time by a crime center. “If they know they are being watched then perhaps they will go to some other area.”

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Over the summer, the Shelby County Commissioners put money back to pay for SkyCop cameras in each district.

FOX13 spoke with county commissioner, Eddie Jones, who said, “we found the funding for it. Put it in the budget, maintenance cost and all of that.”

Where can residents expect to see the SkyCop cameras installed? According to Jones, cameras will be placed at, "entrances and exits in and out of communities and then hot spots inside of communities.”

In regard to who will be monitoring those cameras, “what we are doing is taking that $125,000 and sifting it over to their grant program. They will monitor and we will add in that cost. It is already fixed in so, it doesn’t add an additional burden on MPD.”