• More than 15 gas stations were fine at least twice for fuel violations


    Triple A reported that nearly 100 million Americans will take vacations this summer. Most families will take the roads and drive to their destination.

    A big concern for drivers is the quality of gas that they're using to fill their car.

    Now, water has been found in fuel at several gas stations in the Mid-South.

    FOX13 met with an inspector with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture at the Exxon gas station on Poplar Avenue. He walked through the entire process as he makes sure you are getting good gas every time you fill up.

    Andy Dunn starts his fuel inspection by looking at the in-ground tanks. If it comes out clear, there are no issues. 

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    However, FOX13 found out 95 fuel violations have been issued at gas stations across Shelby County since 2017. Some of them were for bad gas; inspectors often find traces of water in the storage tanks.

    But fuel violations don’t stop with contaminated gas. Dunn also checks prices.

    “I want to make sure what they are buying is what they’re getting and make sure it’s safe for their vehicles,” he said. “If it says $2.79 on (the pump), it’s got to match the sign.”

    He opens up the machine, checks for skimmers and then sets up the tanks to pour five gallons.

    Dunn makes sure the machine is actually pouring out the exact number of gallons the pump says it is. If he notices something is wrong with any part of the process, they take the whole pump out of service.

    According to state records, the state issued 39 violations in 2017, 31 in 2018 and 25 so far this year to gas stations across Shelby County. 

    And if you have any issues at a gas station, Dunn said to call the number on the pump right away.

    “Consumer complaints are at our highest priority. So, meaning if I got a consumer complaint saying there is bad fuel somewhere else, I would have to leave and get there as soon as I possibly can,” Dunn said.

    Below is a list of the gas stations in Shelby County that have received two or more violations since 2017. The fines vary anywhere from $500 to $3,000:

    If you ever have an issue at a pump, the number to call is 1-800-OCTANE-1.

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