• More than 200 Shelby Co. sheriff's deputies pass mental reevaluations, allowed to continue working

    By: Tony Atkins


    SHELBY CO., Tenn. - After state-required mental retesting, each Shelby County Sheriff’s Office deputy will be able to continue their work – 209 deputies will remain onboard with SCSO.

    Now, SCSO officials said they are now working to streamline their hiring process. 

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    They are even re-establishing their human resources department to make sure this doesn’t happen again. 

    After successful mental reevaluations, more than 200 deputies are staying with the sheriff’s office. 

    Deputies were among hundreds of county employees who had to get reevaluated after the state learned the person testing them – Dr. Charles Kenny – was unlicensed.

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    The sheriff’s office was notified about Kenny’s status on Jan. 23, 2019. Retesting started on Feb. 8, and tests were finished on March 19. 

    Sheriff Floyd Bonner said he is happy the cloud looming over many of his younger deputies who were tested by Kenny is now gone.

    “You can imagine some of these young people have been on the job around five years. They didn’t know if they would have a job or not because this is an exam required by the state,” said Bonner.

    Kenny tested deputies and other county employees. The deputies would have lost their positions had they failed the reevaluations. 

    Bonner said they have also reestablished their own HR department to make sure their deputies are ready to go on day one.

    Bonner also said they are retesting 187 correctional deputies, and testing can begin as soon as two to three weeks from now.

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