More than 30 guns confiscated on SCS property over past 2 years

MEMHPIS, Tenn. — Over the past two years, more than 30 guns have been confiscated on Shelby County Schools property.

Loaded 9 millimeters and 45’s were found all over the county, in high schools and even elementary schools.

It is not every day that guns are found on SCS property, but if you ask CrimeStoppers Director Buddy Chapman when his group last found a gun he will tell you.

“Yesterday, it was a loaded 9 millimeters.”

The gun was at a middle school during its summer school program.

Through a Freedom of Information request, FOX13 obtained the numbers of guns SCS has recovered on school property since 2015.

In 2015, they found 15 guns.

There were 14 recovered in 2016, and through May of this year, they had recovered seven.

32 of the 36 guns were found in high schools.

Two were found in middle schools, and even two in elementary schools.

Westwood High School had the most guns found with four recovered over the past two and half years.

Whitehaven and Melrose High each had three guns.

Chapman said he thinks some schools are not being as thorough or transparent as others.

The most common guns recovered were 22 caliber and 9 millimeter handguns.

If students submit a successful tip through a teacher, they will receive as much as 200 dollars in cash.

“We have actually found, in the history of this program, I think it's 25 elementary school students with guns,” said Director Buddy Chapman.

Chapman created the program Trust Pays, a CrimeStoppers for students, where kids tell a school faculty member about a crime and get cash.

“I'll pay off at school, I'll pay off at home, and I'll pay off in a Kroger parking lot and I do all three every month. It’s however [students] feel safe.”

Chapman told FOX13 the number of guns in SCS has gone down since Trust Pays started. The program doesn’t just get tips for firearms either.

“We find knives, razors, stun guns, tasers, crack cocaine, to marijuana, to Percocet, to pills that we can't identify.”

The program has even nailed serious felonies.

“We have solved rapes. We have solved predators. We have solved chop shops, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the school,” said Chapman.

When school starts back up in two weeks, students will return with backpacks. Buddy Chapman hopes he doesn’t get a phone call that leads to searching them.