Mother, 13-year-old boy charged in shooting death of young girl

UPDATE (5 PM) The child's mother and a 13-year-old boy was arrested by Memphis police in connection with her daughter's death Tuesday.

Katrena Blackshire, 33, was charged with aggravated child abuse and criminally negligent homicide, according to MPD.

A 13-year-old boy was also charged with reckless homicide in the case.

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A 12-year-old girl was shot and killed early Tuesday morning.

She was inside her parents' car in the 3100 block of Madewell in Frayser when the gun went off.

CRIME SCENE PHOTOS: 12-year-old girl shot and killed at Memphis apartment complex

Police said the car was unlocked and the gun was not secured.

The girl's godmother told FOX13 there were two kids in the car at the time of the shooting. Neighbors said they saw another child being questioned by investigators.

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The girl was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition, but she did not survive.