• Mother and kids left with nothing after fire destroys their home


    Fire engines, crew members and a house along Shady Oak Ave. that was badly burned; that is what Sheila Cheatham came home to just after midnight Monday.

    "Everything is gone. I'm talking about everything," Cheatham told FOX13.

    Cheatham was away when someone told her the home she was renting for the past three years was overtaken by flames. When she got back to the house, she saw how unforgiving fire can be.

    "So I drove kind of fast down the street, and came and jumped out of my car," Cheatham recalled.  

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    She said she was trying to make her way inside. Instead, she was pushed out of her own home.

    "As soon as I ran to the door and opened it, I tried to step in and smoke just came and I had to fall back," Cheatham said. "Because a little sniff that I got, kind of took my breath, so I said I can't go in."

    Fortunately, her two sons were away as well.

    Unfortunately. they were also left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

    "This is all I got," Cheatham said with tears in her eyes. "And it's all they have right now."

    The family shared with FOX13 photos from inside the Binghampton home. Nothing was left untouched.

    It was either destroyed by the flames or left covered in soot. 

    Cheatham said she was an uninsured renter, leaving her with nothing to start all over.

    "It's a shock to see yourself having a house and then the next thing you know it's gone," Cheatham said. "Just gone."

    Sheila Cheatham said she believes the fire was started by an electrical malfunction. However, fire investigators haven't released a cause just yet, only saying it started in a back bedroom.

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