Mother claims her daughter was bullied, attacked at school

Mother claims her daughter was bullied, attacked at school

Memphis, TN — A mother is speaking out after her daughter was attacked by a group of students and shot by another.

The fight took place on a school bus coming from White Station High School.

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Esther Ewing said the school failed to uphold the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy.

Ewing said her 14 year old daughter has been a victim of bullying at White Station High School for several months.

“My daughter was teased harassed and picked on because they got that no contact order now she’s a snitch,” Ewing said.

“They kept picking on her.”

Ewing said on March 1 the bullying went too far when a group of five girls attacked her daughter on the school bus.

Ewing said the fight escalated when another student tried to shoot at her daughter.

“He got off the bus, had a pistol in his backpack and shot at the car my daughter was riding in,” Ewing said.

“That bullet was going behind the passenger seat of that car.”

She said since the fight her daughter and the other students have been suspended and said the school is failing to protect her child.

“My daughter is supposed to go back to school and ride the same school bus with the same girls that just bullied and intimidated and assaulted her,” Ewing said.

Ewing said she made several calls to the school about past bullying incidents. She said she also demanded to see a video of the fight on the school bus.

FOX13 took Ewing’s concerns to the Shelby County Schools Administration. They sent this email statement:

The safety of students is our top priority, and the same polices regarding safety and student conduct that are present on our school campuses also extend to our school buses. We are aware of a police report involving a fight that occurred on a White Station High School bus after school yesterday and a separate altercation that occurred off the bus. Though this matter remains under investigation by Memphis Police, the staff at White Station High is also taking necessary steps to verify all details of this situation and communicate with families. 

Weapons of any kind are prohibited on all school property, and any student in possession of a weapon will always be disciplined strictly in accordance with Board policy and face potential criminal charges. Additionally, claims of bullying are not taken lightly by our schools. If there is ever evidence to support a claim of bullying, school staffs are trained to intervene and take appropriate action ensure the safety of students. 

Ewing said the school dropped the ball and fears for her child’s safety.

“That somebody buries their baby, or that I burry mines,” Ewing said.

“My baby tried to take her life. I’m not going to lose my child for somebody else’s failure to do their job.”

The shooting is under investigation by Memphis Police.