Mother of child found dead in daycare van: "Something's not adding up"

Mother of child found dead in daycare van: "Something's not adding up"

WEST MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The mother of a 5-year-old who was found dead in a daycare van told FOX13 she thinks someone murdered her child.

The child was found in an Ascent daycare van on Monday, and DHS is now calling this a Child Maltreatment Investigation.

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"At this point I feel like my son was murdered. I feel like somebody put him back on the van," said Ashley Smith told FOX13 after reading the incident report for the first time.

Smith had not seen the official incident report from police that includes statements given by three women who were on or around Christopher's bus Monday morning.

The report says employees checked the bus and saw no one on it.

She thinks the employees lied to police about what happened and says based on their statements,"something is not adding up."

“Whoever made those statements, I feel like they lying,” said Smith.

The report goes on to say one of the employees found Christopher's shoe but does not say where the shoe was found.

"Did she find it on the van? Did she find it off the van? Did she find it in the classroom somewhere because they signed him in but then nobody noticed Christopher?"  Smith asked.

The mother told us Christopher was an active child, someone you always knew he was around adding, "Christopher was a busybody. He didn't ask you for a cookie or no cake? I'm not getting it."

The West Memphis Police Department did not return calls for comment.  Ascent Children's Health Services CEO, Dan Sullivan, wrote a letter Wednesday admitting policies and procedures were not followed by some of his employees. He said four employees were fired.

Sullivan also said he met with Smith on Wednesday and offered to help with funeral costs.

The horrible indent has a mourning mother with only this left to say: "Somebody's hiding something and I'm going to find out."