Mother outraged at MPD over sex trafficking investigation

Mother outraged at MPD over sex trafficking investigation

A Memphis mother is speaking out about her frustrations with a possible sex trafficking investigation that involved her 17-year-old teenage daughter.

She said she’s unsatisfied with Memphis Police after a City Watch was issued for the teen on February 1.

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“No Credit goes to MPD because they didn’t want to take my story first,” The mother said.

She said they treated it like a typical runaway story.

On Sunday, Hernando Police located the girl at a stop on 1-55. Police were tipped off that a pair of men were traveling with a 17-year-old female.

On Monday, the mother held a news conference with members of several organizations outside her home.

She credits the New Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, Save Our Streets, and the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office for helping her find her daughter.

“The lack of investigation, we were the investigating party, we were the 911 we were the locator, we were the retriever,” the mother said.

“It was us.”

FOX13 reached out to MPD through email to ask for a response towards the mother’s claims.

MPD said in an email statement that investigators received conflicting information from family members. They said one advised that they spoke with the victim that morning and she stated she was fine, but a City Watch was still issued.

Another family member advised later that the victim may be in danger.

“Y’all could have done something better than what y’all did,” Ian Jeffries with the New Black Panther Party said.

“It was very bias, y’all didn’t even put out an amber alert.

In the initial report filed with MPD the complainant advised that the victim threatened to run away in the past, but has never left.

The victim has a mental disorder but has not required medication.

The reporter also said that the victim may have a new boyfriend, whose identity is not known.

MPD said The Hernando Police Department is conducting a Sex Trafficking investigation relative to this victim.

Any information relative to the Sex Trafficking investigation will come from the Hernando Police Department.