• Mother says Memphis Walmart employee gave her 6-year-old a black eye

    By: Tom Dees


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - FOX13 News has learned a mother visiting from California claims her 6-year-old son was slapped by a Walmart cashier in Memphis. 

    PHOTOS: Mother says Memphis Walmart employee gave her 6-year-old a black eye

    The incident reportedly happened at their store at Winchester and Highway 385.

    Dominique Lax said her son, Antonio, was slapped in the face and left with a black eye after a clerk in the automotive department got irritated with him Sunday. 

    The mother told us her son was watching cartoons on the TV in the automotive waiting room as she was waiting on a battery to be installed in her car.

    Lax said moments later, the clerk took the remote from Antonio which made him upset. The mom said her six-year-old was agitated and bumped his shoulder into the clerk resulting in the clerk then slapping him in the face.

    "Before I knew it, she comes from behind her desk and smacked my six-year-old right in the face," Dominique Lax said.

    Walmart managers told FOX13 there is video of the incident. 

    A source sent FOX13 the following image from the surveillance video:

    "That was not okay to slap a six-year-old that is not even yours," Antonio said

    Lax said she wants answers and wants the clerk arrested and fired.

    We reached out to the Walmart and they sent us the following statement: 

    We’re aware of Sunday’s incident inside our store and take the matter seriously. The person involved in this situation is no longer associated with the company.


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