Mother sends kids away after heat goes out, pipes break

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the temperatures plummet, some families are without heat. One family is even dealing with burst pipes and no heat.

Latoria Jones said she's been without heat the past couple of days.

“It's cold in here. I can blow smoke out of my mouth,” she said.

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Her situation is so bad, she sent her seven kids to live with relatives.

“I had to take my kids over to my siblings’ homes so they could keep warm, and I stayed here because I don't want anyone to break into my house,” said the mother.

To make matters worse, her pipes burst on Tuesday, likely because of the cold.

“You can stomp the water in here. Everywhere there is water,” said Jones as she sloshed through her kitchen.

The mother is now dealing with standing water throughout her kitchen area.

“Look at my mop, there's water from the map. You go outside in the carport, there's ice.”

With cold on the outside and water on the inside. Jones said her house no longer feels like home.

“I would just like to be warm and my kids to be here with me,” she said.

The landlords told FOX13 Tuesday night that they have fixed the heating many times, but it keeps on breaking.

They said they worked to get an HVAC crew and plumber to the home on Wednesday to fix both issues, so the family can be under one roof again.

Well...Wednesday morning, it got worse.

"This morning, I woke up and my son said, 'Mama, look.' and I looked, and it was the whole ceiling.. on the floor,” Jones said.

FOX13 was at Jones’ home Wednesday morning as repairmen showed up to fix the leak, but no solution to the heating problem.

"I haven't heard from him. I call, no answer," Jones said.

We called the owners of the property who told us the problem isn’t going ignored.

"We are working trying to get someone over there to take care of those issues,” the owner’s wife said.

The wife of the owner said the heat has gone out at the home before, but it has always been fixed.

"I don't know what else there is to do besides what we are doing now, working to get some over there to fix the heat,” the wife said.

"It's real scary because I don't have nowhere to go, and I can't keep running back and forth to Mississippi just so my kids and I can keep warm,” Jones said.