Mother speaks out after daughter is beaten up walking home from school

Mother speaks out after daughter is beaten up walking home from school

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Millington teen is recovering after she was beat up by another teen.

Police say the fight happened while the teens were walking home after school Monday afternoon and it started over a boy.

FOX13 is not releasing the names of those involved because we always protect the identity of minors involved in serious crimes.

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FOX13 talked exclusively with the victim's mother. She told us her daughter was bullied by the same teenager in the past.

"I was scared to death. This is going on and it's been going on, all this bullying nobody is putting a stop to it. Its happening every day afterschool you leave them school grounds and there's nothing the school can do and these children think it's ok," she said.

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The police report said the fight started over quote "a boy they both liked" and the victim was hit in the back of the head.

The report also said that the other teen stomped on the victim's stomach before leaving.

The victim's mother told FOX13, "its gotten out of control for this young kid to think it's okay to stump anybody. I don't care if it's my kid or another kid, but for a child to think it's okay... that's not okay, and they need to be punished."

But the teen responsible may not be punished.

A representative from Millington Municipal School said all reported incidents of bullying are investigated quickly.

But since this fight didn't happen on school property and it wasn't something that started at Millington Middle School, the district said they have "limited knowledge of the incident."

The victim of the mother said she refused to press charges because, "with that kid being 11, 12, 13 years old that could ruin her life and I'm not trying to do that. The only thing I'm trying to do is keep these kids apart."

She said she's speaking up now because she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else's child.

"I don't think any kid needs to go through this at their age. I hope that all of this ends, its just stupid for these kids to fight over boys."

The victim's mother said she hasn't attended chool since the fight Monday afternoon and said her daughter will likely go back early next week.