Mother speaks out after teen arrested, charged with murder

Lavon Williams, 17, was arrested and charged with murder. Williams is accused of robbing then killing a young man at a Hickory Hill Marathon gas station shooting on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Williams' mother talked to FOX13's Zach Crenshaw, less than 24 hours after her son was arrested in her home.

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"I can't describe it because I was in shock. A child that you raised your whole life and all of a sudden they are talking about murder," said Williams' mother.

Police said Lavon Williams was an integral part of the robbery and murder of Nicholas Sutton.

Williams mother said she feels for the victim's family.

"My heart goes out because I'm a mother too."

But she doesn't believe the allegations against her son.

"I am grieving as well because they said this and that supposedly happened, but he is innocent until proven guilty."

Williams' mother told FOX13 that her son had been on probation in the past for stabbing a man but she said that man had been violent in her home in the past and implied it was justified.

She also said she never knew Lavon to carry guns either but said there are some things kids hide from their parents.

As she tries to piece together what happened and the allegations against her 17-year old son, she doesn't question what she could have done differently.

"There is nothing different that I could've done because I know I raised my kids, I raised my son to the best of my ability."

The other two suspects are Teriaco Gilkey and Lareco Wilson, both 16-years old.

All three teens had a detention hearing Wednesday. The judge determined there was enough evidence to keep them locked up.

It will likely be few months before they find out whether they will be charged as adults.