• Mother still searching for clues after finding son's dead body in tow lot a decade ago

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A frustrated Tommye Wilder is still looking for clues that would lead to the arrest of her son’s murderer, ten years ago. 

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    “They promised me we would do everything possible to get to the bottom of this. It’s been ten years,” Wilder said.

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    Chris Carmicle, a father of five, went missing before Thanksgiving, 2007. A few weeks later, a missing report was filed. 

    Several days after that, Wilder and Carmicle’s brother, Kelvin Knight, were invited to the City of Memphis tow lot to look at a Chevrolet Cavalier. 

    Wilder went to search for clues about her missing son, but Knight would find much more. 

    “Soon as I snatched the backseat down, that's when I discovered his body in the trunk,” Knight said. 

    Carmicle’s body was in the truck, with nothing but socks on. The car sat idle in front of a vacant house in Frayser until it was towed.

    Wilder, confused as to how her son’s body could be checked into a tow lot with no one bothering to check the trunk.

    “It’s a hurting feeling for anybody to go through losing a loved one.. number one,” Wilder said. “Then losing a loved one with a doubt in your mind, could they had been saved if only we had done just that one thing.”

    FOX13 reached out to Memphis police who said they will follow up with an update on Carmicle’s cold case. 

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