• MPD Director Mike Rallings issues statement concerning Brandon Webber protests


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The Memphis Police Department is looking into how it handled the unrest after Brandon Webber's death on Wednesday night in Frayser.

    Several officers complained to FOX13 about ineffective shields and wanting more protective gear to help them during these situations.

    Police Director Mike Rawlings said they are reviewing what went well, what they need to improve on and what other training they might need in the future.

    He said he stands by his commander's decision to hold the line after the unrest.

    MPD is looking for ways to improve after 36 officers were injured during the unrest in Frayser.

    It all stemmed from the death of Brandon Webber, 20, who was shot by U.S. Marshals when they tried to arrest him for multiple warrants.

    Several people threw rocks, bricks and other objects at police.

    Raillings said he stands by his commander's decision to hold the line.

    "Those commanders are experienced commanders they have been involved in these incidents since 1998 and before I have confidence in their ability to execute operation."

    FOX13 spoke to several officers on Monday night about ineffective gear during the Wednesday night incident.


    Since our report on FOX13 News at 10, there are new calls for more gear for potential future events.

    "When we say the equipment didn’t work no officers died some officers received some pretty severe injuries but these officers are ready to get back to work," Rallings said.

    Rallings said he is listening to officers concerns and reviewing the situation - just like any other big event.

    He said another focus is arrested people responsible for assaulting police.

    "Acts of violence against law enforcement will not be tolerated we are actively working in conducting investigations on individuals that are committing criminal acts," Rallings said.

    Three men were arrested Wednesday night. One of the men had his charges dropped on Friday.

    "I look forward to talking to the judge to say the judge can we have done differently to convince you that this was an appropriate charge and we've been discussing with das office so well be continuing to work with our partners."

    Rallings said discussions will continue about the unrest in Frayser. He also said the officers are in good spirits.

    "Despite what they went through they are ready to go back and serve."

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