MPD impounds woman's car while she takes shooting victim to hospital, driver says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Raleigh woman told us Memphis Police impounded her car while she brought a gunshot victim to the hospital. She got pulled over by police during a traffic stop at the time of the incident.

Her detectives are still investigating, but she’s racking up a bill that’s nearly $1,000 while her car is in police possession.

Back in June, JuaNeka Key saw a man that she didn’t know bleeding after a shooting in her apartment complex.

“I end up helping the guy and tried to rush him to the emergency room,” Key said.

The man Key helped happened to be one of five people who got injured in a shooting at the Huntington Hills Apartments.

The night of the shooting FOX13 managed to get footage of Key in her car after police pulled her over on the way to the hospital

We also captured first responders removing the victim from her car into an ambulance.

Officers told her they pulled her over because she was driving with her hazard lights on.

"Once we got pulled over by the police. I stated to them there is someone in my car bleeding. I'm trying to help him get to the emergency room,” Key said.

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Officers also arrested Key on a misdemeanor warrant from 2018 - she didn’t know about.

Shortly after, officers impounded her car.

"I am going through it right now because I don't have my car. I can't get around like I need to, can't take care of my kids like I need to. I am a mother of five kids,” Key said.

She has to pay nearly $1,000 to get her car back - Key said she doesn’t have that kind of money.

"All because I decided to help somebody? How can you not have a heart? If it was you, wouldn’t you want somebody to help you or let you lay there for dead?” Key said.

She’s got until Tuesday to pay to get her car back before it goes to the auction.

We asked the Memphis Police Department if there is another reason they are holding Key’s car - we have not received a response.