MPD investigating several burglaries at local car wash businesses

MEMPHIS, TN — Memphis Police is investigating several burglaries and vandalism cases at self-serve car wash businesses in Memphis that have been happening all this week.

Owners said the burglaries are costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in recovery and repairs.

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Owner of the Splash Car Wash Terry Rowland told FOX13 the recent burglary of his business isn’t too shocking.

“Now I just have one car wash, I have some friends who have 14 and they are hitting everybody in town,” Rowland said.

Memphis Police told FOX13 Monday five of Rowland’s vacuum machines were broken into and the money inside of them stolen.

“They put the sledge hammer in here and the frame came down and they were able to get the crowbar in there. That’s how they got the money out,” Rowland said.

The same night the Aqua Wash in the 3400 block of Southern had its vacuums broken into and vandalized.

Police say more than a thousand dollars was taken from the Aqua Wash, and would cost the wash $7,000 in damages.

Rowland said his place has been hit so many times it has affected his insurance coverage.

“I went from a 500 deductible, to a 2500 deductible to being canceled,” Rowland said.

Police told FOX13 there is surveillance video of the incident at the Splash Car Wash.

However, it was not available today.

We have spoken with several other owners of car wash spots that have been hit by these criminals.

They tell us they are just thankful these vandals aren’t harming their customers.