• MPD: Man travels with more than a pound of marijuana on Mega Bus


    A man traveling from Atlanta to Memphis was busted with carrying more than 1.5 pounds of marijuana. 

    On February 19, detectives boarded the Mega Bus. Tevin Lewis was on board. 

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    Detectives asked Lewis if they could search his carry-on bag, and he agreed. As they were looking through the bag, Lewis started to shake nervously, the arrest affidavit said. 

    Police said in total they found three bags of weed wrapped in clothing in Lewis' bag. The bags were vacuum sealed and covered in aluminum foil. 

    "That ain't nothing but a pound or a pound a half," Lewis told police. 

    He was transported to the Organized Crime Unit and told police he "ain't no snitch" and "Ya'll just lock me up and get me a bond."

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