MPD officer saves prom for local high school graduate

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis Police officer saved prom for a North Memphis KIPP High School graduate after a business deal went sour - one day before senior prom.

Ryneisha Gardner had big plans of having a high school prom just like any other teenagers.

“On May 10, which was the Friday before my prom, the lady said I could come get my dress,” Gardner said.

But there was one problem, the teenager showed us pictures of the holes and spots on her royal blue and gold prom dress.

“When we got there, the same spots that were on the dress were on there from about a week ago,” Gardner said.

She explained there was not an excuse because she reached out to seamstress, Antoinette Morris, back in November about making the dress.

Gardner said Morris, who rents booth space at I-Style, initially agrees to reimburse her. But Morris claimed she didn’t have enough money.

That’s when things got heated. Morris called the police.

“At this time, I was crying. I didn’t want to go to prom,” Gardner said.

She said Morris told her to come back later that day after officers asked for the dress to be fixed.

Garner said when she returned hours later, the dress was still in bad shape.

FOX13 reached out to Morris on Monday, but Morris said she did not want to comment.

Garner said she never got her $700 back and now she’s taking the woman to court.

That’s when MPD officer Stephan Holmes saved the prom.

“He asked my mom, ‘What’s your cash app?’ and when she looked down at her phone there was $540 for prom.”

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Not only did Garner get a new dress, but she became prom queen.

“We found this other lady that made it in less than five hours and my dress was still beautiful. So, it really uplifted my spirit, when they called my name at prom for prom queen I was just happy.”

She and her grandmother wanted to thank the officer publicly.

“He told her do not give up on yourself and go to your prom,” said Garner’s grandmother Gail Buck. “It was just a blessing from God.”

The family said they are going to bring a gift basket to Officer Holmes when he returns to work tomorrow.