MPD: Teen shot in the head

MPD: Teen shot in the head

Minutes before midnight, Memphis Police were called the High Point Terrace area.

"It's a very nice neighborhood, I've lived here all my life--65 years," Austin Landry told FOX13.

It's an area Landry knows well, so you can imagine how surprised he was to learn a 17-year-old was shot in the head overnight. However the shooting, police told FOX 13, was self-inflicted.

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"Things happen all the time, one place or another," Landry said.

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Detectives were seen coming and going from a yellow house, at the corner of Galloway Avenue and Sevier Street.  Several officers lined the block.  Christmas lights, still up from the holiday season, illuminated the crime scene tape that blocked a large perimeter surrounding the corner home.

Neighbors, who did not want to speak on camera, did say they were shocked to learn what happened at the home. They also said the family is relatively new to this community, and they were relieved to know a baby that lives in the home was unharmed.

Neighbors added, what took place overnight is a stark reminder of what can happen when guns fall into the wrong hands.

No word just yet on who owned the gun, or if anyone is facing charges.