MPD to start using online system to better track rape kits

WATCH: MPD using new technology to track sex crimes

MEMPHIS, Tenn, — The Memphis Police Department entered into an agreement with the Portland Oregon Police Bureau to use the Sexual Assault Management System, known as SAMS.

Portland Police said on Thursday they created it last year and are now sharing it with departments across the country.

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Funded through a grant, the electronic system tracks rape kits by connecting cases using very detailed information collected from a victim.

The system uses bar code tracking to text or email a victim the status of their kit. Experts say this is helpful in better tracking both sexual assaults and the status of kits that for years have sat untested in Memphis.

It’s taken nearly 5 years, but in Memphis, 86% of the 12,000 rape kits have been tested.

The Portland Police Bureau developed the technology after a national conference showed a need across the country.

City contracts show MPD entered into the SAMS agreement this week. The contract shows there’s no fee and they have access to it until the agreement is terminated.

MPD did not return calls for comment.