Murder Street: How a neighborhood in Memphis got the unwanted nickname

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “These Young people in Memphis, they are violent. They will get guns and they will do it.”

'Murder Street' is what some teens are proposing as a new name change for a South Memphis block.

After recent gunfire, the residents are refusing to let the culture of their block be transformed in that negative light.

Betty Isom is a staple on South Memphis’s Tate Street.

“I've lived here 20 years,” she told FOX13.

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Isom has never been as concerned as she is now.

“The last week, there's been so much shooting, I don't know what to say,” Isom told FOX13.

One man nearly died last Tuesday. Tate Street was littered with shell casings.

“All we heard was boom boom boom boom boom. Just shooting,” Isom, who organizes the Stop the Violence block party every year, explained.

Days after police lights lit up the street, there was more suspected gang activity. This time, the target was Betty’s home.

“Spray painted that up there,” Isom said while pointing at the black MRP spray painted on her house.

The vandals also hit an elderly woman’s home down the street.

“There is graffiti all on the side of the car. And the other side. Where they had wrote different gang languages that I don't really Kanny Lee, another neighbor, told FOX13.

That violence prompted a rally over the weekend, led by Lee.

“So when we came out here some of the young people were even telling us, we fin to change this from Tate Street to 'Murder Street.' And I'm like, murder street!? That's unacceptable,” Lee said.

“It's been Tate Street ever since I known. I'm not going to let them.” said Isom.

FOX13's Zach Crenshaw spoke with community in that area, watch the video at the top of the story to see how the community is fighting back.