Mysterious explosion on New Year's Eve heard more than 10 miles away in Mississippi

WATCH: Mysterious explosion on New Year's Eve heard more than 10 miles away in Mississippi

TATE CO., Miss. — A New Year’s Eve explosion in the Mid-South was so loud it was heard across county lines.

Exactly what the explosion was, no one is sure at this point. But this is not the first time it has happened in that area.

The Tate County Sheriff’s Department told FOX13 the explosion possibly came from a field in Mississippi, and it was heard as far as 10 miles away.

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It happened around 5:30 p.m. Monday.

“It’s in the country, you know,” said Keith Leggett, a local resident. “People are redneck, they are going to do stuff like that.”

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Leggett lives near Highway 4 and Yellow Dog Road, which is close to where investigators believe the mysterious explosion happened.

“It rattled the windows of the house,” Leggett said. “It was a big explosion, my daughter jumped up and thought she heard something hit the back of the house… it was just a big explosion.”

Another resident who lives near the Marshall County line more than 10 miles from that location said she heard the explosion too.

“It sounded like thunder was really close to the house, but it wasn’t,” said Breanna Johnston. “A lot of people heard it.”

Deputies told FOX13 this is the second NYE that a big boom has come from that area and caused a stir.

They believe someone is setting off a commercially available explosive for clearing beaver dams.

Some residents said they think the explosion could have been a cannon going off.

Multiple people in the Looxahoma community said they know who is responsible for the explosion, but no one provided a name.