Mystery of what caused booming explosion heard 10 miles away in Mid-South on NYE solved

TATE CO., Miss. — The mystery of what caused the booming explosion in the Mid-South on New Year’s Eve has been solved.

On Wednesday, a farmer stepped forward and admitted he is responsible for the explosions that could be heard 10-miles away in Mississippi.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mysterious explosion on New Year's Eve heard more than 10 miles away in Mississippi

He told FOX13 he didn’t expect it to be as loud as it was.

The video of the explosion finally surfaced in a field near the Looxahoma Community. The farmer set off 35 pounds of an explosive called Tannerite.

He's used it before to clear beaver dams. But for New Year's Eve it served a different purpose.

“A loud boom on New Year’s. I knew it was New Year’s, I figured fireworks would be going off. I figured it would blend in, but it stood out,” the farmer said.

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The farmer, who didn’t want his face shown on camera, told FOX13 he’s used the same amount of Tannerite before to clear beaver dams that are causing drainage problems, and he’s never had any complaints.

“Well the boom was the Tannerite, but it was so loud because it was in the middle of an open field. It had no trees and anything to stop the sound. It was able to just go,” the farmer said.

The farmer said he’s probably not going to do it again, as family members have asked him to Stop.

The Tannerite was legally purchased as exploding targets at a local gun shop.

The Tate County Sheriff’s Department told FOX13 that there are no charges being filed in the case because the use of Tannerite and exploding targets is legal in unincorporated parts of the county.