NAACP Memphis issues statement about MPD officer shooting Martavious Banks

WATCH: Questions about MPA president's presence at shooting scene

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The NAACP Memphis branch released a statement regarding the investigation into the MPD officer-involved shooting.

Martavious Banks, 25, is still in critical condition after being shot by an Memphis police officer on Sept. 17.

The three officers, who have not yet been identified, were all placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

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Below is the statement given by NAACP President Deidre Malone:

In order for the community to trust the Memphis Police Department, it is imperative that all of its law enforcement personnel follow the policies and procedures set forth by Department leadership in order to ensure transparency when coming into contact with citizens.  The dash cameras and body cameras that were demanded by the public should be used at all times by police officers.  When trying to determine fault and ensure justice, and in order to create meaningful dialogue, we need to be able to assess the involvement of all parties, and not depend on strictly word-of-mouth testimony.
The NAACP Memphis Branch appreciates the decision by District Attorney Weirch, City of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, and Director of the Memphis Police Department, Michael Rallings for turning this investigation over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) to ensure transparency.  We await the findings as does the entire community.
Regarding the protestors who have stood demanding justice for Banks, it is no secret that the Memphis Branch fully supports peaceful protest and supports their efforts to demand answers regarding citizens and their interactions with police.  We encourage protests to be done in accordance with the ordinances of the City of Memphis and Tennessee state law.  The first amendment is an integral part of the American experience and expressing it should be upheld but done with the law in mind.
NAACP Memphis Branch Executive Director, Vickie Terry has said the following, "We are committed to helping Ms. Janice Banks, mother of Mr. Banks, in obtaining the answers to her questions regarding her son's shooting. Our hearts and prayers are with all involved."

We do know that one of the officers involved – not the primary officer who shot Banks – is the son of Memphis Police Association President Michael Williams.

The investigation is looking into violations of MPD policies, particularly the use of cameras.

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