NAACP will ignore Confederate 901 ride

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Chapter of the NAACP will ignore Saturday’s Confederate 901 rally.

They encourage all supporters of the statue’s removal to not counter protest. Deidre Malone, the President of the Memphis NAACP, said the fight isn't over to keep the statues down.

“These efforts only prove that there is much work to be done in our city,” Malone told FOX13.

A group of people who oppose the statue’s removal are expected to ride through Memphis with Confederate flags, in what they call a peaceful ride.

“We encourage these citizens to stay away from this group in the downtown area or wherever you my encounter them while they are in our city,” Malone said.

Activists tried using the ignore technique during the KKK rallies in 1998 and 2013, adding they’ve learned from the past.

“As long as they feel like they want to have a peaceful caravan, we appreciate that but you know there may be some member who don't and for them we don't want any interaction,” Malone told FOX13.

Tami Sawyer, the head of the group that pushed to have the statues come down, said they will not be part of any counter protest. Instead, she recommends volunteering.

“So, Memphians, if this is getting under your skin go out and show Memphis how you care about it,” Sawyer said.