Naked man breaks into an Orange Mound family's home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An Orange Mound neighborhood is still reeling from a bizarre incident on Sunday.

Memphis Police responded to a call about a naked man who was armed on the corner of Douglas and Goodwyn around 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Surveillance video showed the moment the naked man broke into a home in the neighborhood.

>>Click the video above to see the surveillance footage

The homeowner said she was in her baby’s room when all of a sudden, she heard a loud banging noise.

She thought it was her husband working but instead it was a naked man outside her back door.

“Why was he trying to get in the house,” said the homeowner. “I mean he got in, and he jumped over the fence.”

She said the weirdest part is, she knows the man from the neighborhood.

The man was identified as Warren Huggins, 35, and he was taken to medical holding, according to police.

The homeowner didn’t want to show her face or tell us her name because she’s scared.

She said her kids ran into their rooms while her husband managed to lure the man out of the home.

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“He was trying to hit my husband, and he was yelling at him, give me your phone and my husband was trying to call 911, too, he’s a big guy, he’s really tall and big,” the homeowner said.

She said the man tried to get back inside her home and grab a fire extinguisher.

“If he was going to break the window from the door, I was going to do something with the knife, fight back and protect my kids,” she said.

Police said that's not all the man is accused of doing. Huggins also walked around the neighborhood naked with a shotgun, broke several car windows and hit neighbors with the gun.

The homeowner said she didn’t see a weapon, but neighbors told FOX13 that they heard gunshots.

“I just told my children to get down like I said a bullet has no name on it,” said Patricia Reese.

Huggins broke the glass of a car window with a shotgun about 11:20 a.m. The occupant of the car knew Huggins and tried to calm him down.

Huggins roommate attempted to talk him down, then Huggins struck him with the butt of the shotgun. The roommate then wrestled Huggins to the ground to get the shotgun away, police said.

The occupants of the car were taken to Regional One with non-critical injuries.

Once officers arrived, the man became angry, irrational and rambling unknown words, police said.

Huggins also ran into another neighbor's yard, grabbed a brick and smashed the right passenger side truck window, plus struck a window air conditioner unit and knocked it inside the house.

Huggins will go under a mental evaluation.

The family said they are thankful no one was hurt.

“It’s really scary because we have kids here, and we didn’t know if he was on drugs or what he was going to do to us,” the homeowner said.

Higgins was charged with several counts of aggravated assault, vandalism and other charges.

FOX13 spoke to a person who knows the man and said they are trying to get him help.