• Nearly a foot of water rushes into local family's home after severe storms in Mid-South

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    TIPTON CO., Tenn. - Three inches of rain in just one hour.

    That is what Tipton County officials said caused massive flooding across the area on Tuesday.

    Public works said more than a dozen roads were closed and one roadway will be shut down for the next two weeks. 

    Tipton County officials said FEMA will help cover repairs for roads and bridges. However, that does not help people like the Russell family, who had almost a foot of water rush into their home.

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    Munford homeowner Clotiya Russell told FOX13 within 12 minutes, water rushed up to her family’s doorstep. Russell said more than nine inches of water started rushing inside their home.

    She said her son tried to block the water with sandbags, but it was too late.

    Now a day later, Russell said she feels helpless. Her family just moved back in after finishing some recent renovations. 

    “I felt like I was starting all over and now we’re back at square one,” she said. “We have start with doors and we have to start with cleaning.”

    Russel said this isn’t the first time they’ve had flooding issues. She believes the nearby culvert may be the issue. She said they’ve called public works several times to check it out. 

    “It gives me constant anxiety attacks,” she said. “Because think about it. Every time it rains I’m thinking in my head, “Is it going to flood? Like am I going to have this issue again?’”

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