Neighbors describe 'war zone' after dozens of bullets fly in Memphis neighborhood, several injured

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors said they heard 50 to 100 gunshots in Raleigh just before midnight at Huntington Hills Apartment complex.

People who live here told FOX13 it was like a war zone. Dozens had to duck for cover while they dodged bullets.

Cars were shot at, homes were shot into and children as young as eight months old had to duck for cover.

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One person showed FOX13 the bullet fragment left on the ack of his pickup truck.

Memphis Police were called out the apartments in Raleigh after they said five people were shot.

Minutes later, Shelby County Sherriff's deputies stopped another victim at Yale and Austin Peay. Four people were found shot at the apartments; a fifth victim was located at the second scene.

One woman who’s too terrified to show her face because of fear of retaliation wants to move.

"My baby started to holler. I just got my baby, we just got on the ground,” Danetra Bates said.

Bates said she was on her way to pick up her daughter when a fight broke out just before shots were fired.

Witnesses told police one of the victims were laying on the ground in between two cars asking for help.

“So, when they started shooting, they just kept shooting at each other. He said, ‘I’m hit’ and he jumped back in the car and then they kept shooting. It was like a Dodge Charger,” Bates said.

Several neighbors told FOX13 their cars won’t start after getting hit.

Investigators said Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies stopped another victim at Yale and Austin Peay minutes later.

Neighbors told FOX13 there was similar type of shooting there less than a month ago.

Three of those victims are still in critical condition. Police have not released what let to the shooting.