• Neighbors fed up over smell, junk in homeowner's yard in Berclair


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - It’s time to clean up a Berclair home that some are calling an eyesore and junk problem, according to neighbors.

    They said the owner is piling trash on the sidewalk and in the yard of the home in the 800 block of Berclair Road.

    The Berclair home is a mess.  

    In the yard, FOX13 crews saw a mattress, toys, piano, appliances, and bottles. And this isn’t the only problem.  

    There is a very strong odor at the residence as well. 

    “My neighbor’s been like that for years now and at some point, it’s clean but they just have it right back nasty, even the back is full of junk,” said Jonathan Sanders.

    Sanders said the junk in the yard is so bad that people in the neighborhood stop by to take pictures daily.

    “It’s just trashy. I don’t know if it’s healthy to live like that,” he said.


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    FOX13 asked the homeowner, Bobbie McCray, about her home that she has lived in for 15 years. We asked if she sees a problem with her yard.

    “Yes, I see something wrong with it, it’s a disgrace to me,” she said.

    McCray said the debris is coming from her tents that she used as a storage area.  FOX13 also saw utensils, boxes and so much more.

    But she told FOX13 she doesn’t believe she hoards items.

    “I don’t hoard, no I don’t want none of this stuff. Y’all welcome to come take it all if you want to,” McCray said.

    Neighbors said they want the mess out of their site as soon as possible.

    “I’m like are they happy like that or what, I don’t know,” said McCray.

    Across the street, the rest of the neighborhood is clean, and people are keeping the property up.

    FOX13 learned from the homeowner that she plans to have this property clean by Sept. 28.

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