Neighbors heard nothing after two men were dumped in the road

TATE COUNTY, Miss. — A passing driver found two bodies in the middle of Wes Williams Rd. near Thyatira in Tate County Sunday morning just before daylight.

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance told FOX13 the two bodies were found about 5 a.m. and have been identified as Manuel Olives and Steven Alex Smith, both are 20-years-old.

They were found shot multiple times.

Investigators have gone door to door on this remote road asking residents if they saw or heard anything.

Sandra Meredith lives just down the road from where the bodies were found.

“Not a thing, didn't hear a thing,” Meredith said. “That’s why we think they may have been dropped off here because we didn't hear anything.”

While we were out here Monday, friends of the victims came out to walk the stretch of road looking for any evidence that might help investigators.

“It's kind of eerie it could happen anywhere but not here,” Meredith said.

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Those friends didn't want to be identified.

Investigators tell me Olivas and Smith were from Independence, just up the road.

Meredith described them as good kids.

She told us the killings have left her rattled.

“We didn't use to lock our doors, that's how we felt, now we are locking every door we find and windows and everything,” she said.

Tate County Investigators will not say if they have any suspects in the case, only that their investigation continues.