• Neighbors of abandoned units in Memphis condo complex asking for help with rodent infestation

    By: Winnie Wright


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The neighbors of blighted and abandoned units in a Hickory Hill complex were back in court Tuesday asking for help. 

    Those neighbors of Fox Hollow asked for help with illegal dumping and a rodent infestation.

    The issue boils down to how much responsibility the city has for private property.

    Fox Hollow is a condominium complex, meaning the units are owned. There is an HOA, but its president said they can’t get people to pay dues.

    So, the HOA has little money and little power.

    Many of the units are abandoned now and just about anybody can get inside.

    That led to illegal dumping. The illegal dumping, residents said, led to rats.

    Now, they’re living in the complex – in homes they own – but are dealing with issues caused by other units.

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    The city has sent crews to clean up the property’s common areas, but residents want them to do more.

    Judge Dandridge ruled Tuesday that he wants these homeowners to be located because it is their responsibility. That might be easier said than done.

    “It’s going to be very difficult because some of them life in Chicago, Tampa, Fla. I even heard of a homeowner that lives in China. This is just a situation that seems like we’re not going to solve some problems right away,” said Patricia Rogers, a community leader.

    Dandridge also told the HOA president it is his responsibility to keep up with the owners and collect their dues.

    As they left court Tuesday, the residents FOX13 spoke with said they fear it is going to be several more years before these issues are resolved.

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