• Neighbors outraged after driver plows car into home in Midtown

    By: Kristin Leigh


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Neighbors in Cooper Young want police catch the driver who plowed a car into a home on Young Avenue Sunday night. 

    Time stamps on the surveillance video show the car plunging into the front porch of the home at about 10:30 Sunday night. Less than five minutes later, the car backed out and drove off.

    The footage was captured on a camera peering down toward Young Ave from Jake Williams Condo at the corner of Philadelphia Street. 

    “He or she was there for maybe three or four minutes,” Williams said. “Then they backed up and went down the street.”

    The video is washed out by a street light that makes it difficult to make out details, but Williams was in his apartment at the time of the crash. He said he was able to copy the plate number. 

    “I called 911,” Williams said. “I read the license plate number to them, because I could see it out the window.”

    Brick on the house the car hit was cracked, but neighbors said the car took the brunt of the damage, leaving pieces of it behind. 

    The home that was damaged in the crash is about one block from bars and night life at the Cooper-Young intersection. 

    “People are going to wonder, was he or she drunk?” FOX13’s Kristin Leigh asked Williams. 

    “I have no idea,” he responded. 

    No clue to the mystery is more helpful than the video, captured on a network of cameras in the neighborhood. 

    Williams is one of a handful of people overseeing Cooper Young’s Neighborhood Watch. FOX13 introduced you to the group in February. 

    The CYNW has more than 70 cameras installed throughout the Midtown neighborhood. Members are coordinating with the Memphis Police Department to catch criminals. 

    “If you do something it’s probably going to be caught on camera,” Williams said.

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