Neighbors pleased after new SkyCop cameras installed in Whitehaven

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four new SkyCop cameras were installed in Whitehaven, a neighborhood where Memphis police spend a lot of time investigating shootings and other incidents.

This comes after the Watchful Eyes Neighborhood Watch Association needed to raise $6,400 to get the new equipment.

Neighbors in the area said home invasions, car break-ins and shootings are all the norm, unfortunately.

“Just last night right there on Timothy we had this shooting and these kind of acts, we just don’t feel safe,” said Bridgette Bradley, who lives in the area.

Bradley is also the president of the neighborhood watch group. They spent months raising the money to get four SkyCop cams, including a license reader on and near Graceland Drive.

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“That’s why we are fighting so hard to saturate our neighborhood with these cameras,” Bradley said.

Another woman who has lived in Whitehaven for nearly 30 years told FOX13 the cameras will have a large impact on the community.

She was an innocent bystander in 2018 when a shootout happened near her home.

“The car was shooting at another vehicle and I guess eventually they saw me, and they turned and drove off – and it was kind of frightening because they passed by me,” said Griselle Herron.

Neighbors said there is more work to do, but this is the first step to fighting crime.

Bradley said the group will go before city council next week and receive an additional $3,000 for the program.