• New details released in shooting of 2-year-old

    By: Greg Coy


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - New information released in the road rage shooting of 2-year-old Laylah Washington. Memphis police are dedicating more resources to arrest the gunmen.

    MPD Director Michael Rallings issued a statement Tuesday. The statement said in part:

    "I was disgusted. This type of senseless violence must stop. Someone knows who committed this heinous crime, and I urge you to do the right thing."

    Police said a mother exchanged words with another driver. The driver followed her, opened fire on her car, and her 2-year-old daughter was struck in the head.


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    The family told FOX13 Laylah's prognosis doesn't look good.

    This crime is now becoming a top priority because the age of the victim. 

    The suspects have not been caught, and investigators told FOX13 they need the public to give them the clues to catch them.

    "I think people just need to step up," said Reverend Larry Porter who expressed what many Memphians are thinking.

    "If it were their own child, what would they do? We have to treat this situation as if it were our own baby.”

    Laylah Washington's family shared live video on Facebook from her bedside in the Le Bonheur Intensive Care Unit. They're begging the community for help finding the people who shot the 2-year-old in the head.

    FOX13 spent the day speaking with police sources who told us their phones aren't ringing and they need new leads.

    When asked about the police investigation, Reverend Porter told FOX13 police should, "spare no expense, whatever the overtime, whatever men they need to pub out on the streets to catch the perpetrators they should do whatever is necessary."

    Law enforcement sources told FOX13 this investigation is a top priority.

    MPD is putting the case in the hands of its investigative services bureau which gives the department more man power and expertise.

    FOX13 headed back to the scene where local business owners, even the nearby church said investigators have asked to review the video tape from their security cameras to see if they recorded the confrontation between Laylah's mother or the shooting.

    FOX13 noticed red light cameras at the corner of Winchester and Kirby, but police won't say if the camera recorded anything of value.

    What the cameras didn't capture police are hoping a witness can remember.

    "If I knew anything, I would definitely be the first person to call,” said Reverend Porter.

    In the parking lot of a strip mall, you can still see the tire marks of where the confrontation started between Laylah Washington's mother and the people in the black Impala.

    People who work in at strip mall told FOX13 people drive through the lot erratically.

    “They ain’t careful. They drive fast,” Roosevelt Wright told FOX13.

    Wright sells fruit from the back of his truck and said it is teenagers, young drivers causing the problem. He remembered seeing many times a couple cars almost crashing into ones that were parked.

    "You are supposed to have a speed limit. This ain't no race track,” said Wright.

    FOX13 noticed several patrol cars in the area of Kirby and Winchester where the drive-by shooting happened on Sunday.

    One car stopped in the parking lot because the owner didn't have tags.

    Wright said police need to patrol this parking lot to stop reckless drivers.

    It might have prevented Sunday's confrontation that led to the violent crime, a road rage shooting that has a 2-year-old girl on life support.

    “What can a 2-year-old do? It couldn't harm you no kind of way,” Wright said.

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