• New phone scam aiming at people's social security numbers, BBB says

    By: Greg Coy


    Authorities are issuing a new warning about scammers trying to get your social security number.  

    The Better Business Bureau said three people have called them, saying scammers claiming to be with the Social Security Administration contacted them over the phone.   

    The scammers called Cheryl Williams and said they were from the Social Security Administration, so she just accepted that they were telling the truth.

    The caller wanted to help Williams to change her social security number because someone had gotten hold of it and opened up checking accounts in her name.  

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    "(The scammers said) ‘they are putting an arrest warrant out on you for trafficking and money laundering,’ and I said I don't know even what trafficking and money laundering is," said Williams.

    Williams told FOX13 she knew this call was a scam. 

    "I said the social security number is not going to get changed," Williams said. 

    She then called the Better Business Bureau.  

    The consumer watch dog told FOX13 this type of scam has exploded across the country with 35,000 reported cases this year, compared to 3,200 in 2017.  

    The scammers often will charge the victim money to “clear up the problem” and last year the crooks stole more than $10 million.

    FOX13 called the phone number the scammers left Williams and it had been disconnected.  

    As for Williams, she gave the scammers a few minutes of her time but not a dime of her money.  

    "The social security is just like the IRS they are not going to call you. They will send you a letter if there is an issue," said Williams. 

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