New proposal would move cell tower away from Germantown school

WATCH: Proposal moves cell tower away from school in Germantown

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A new proposal would move a cellphone tower farther away from Dogwood Elementary School in Germantown.

Several parents are concerned the tower could cause health risks for their kids.

If approved the new plan will move the cell tower from 148 feet to 253 feet away from Dogwood Elementary School.

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The cell tower would be placed on the other side of the line of trees near Dogwood Park.

Parents said they want the cell tower even farther off campus.

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"I still think it needs to be 1,500 feet away from where the children are every day," said mother Bess Warren.

A spokesperson with Germantown said the plan to move the tower back is between the developer Tower Ventures, the school district and the city.

The proposal was brought up in the Board and Alderman meeting on Monday night.

The zoning consultant for the project, Michael Fahy, told FOX13 the cell tower would not be moved further back than 253 feet away from the school.

"We have now moved the tower so it’s 51 feet off the property line. That's as close as we can get," said Fahy.

Parents like Warren believe having a cell tower near the school will endanger the children.

"The exposure on a 5G tower is so strong and it’s new technology, we don't know anything about it. I think we need to err on the side of caution instead of letting our kids be an experiment," said Warren.

Fahy explains the cell tower is important to providing service during an emergency.

FOX13 asked him about parents’ concerns about the tower.

"The health hazard issues are addressed by the federal government. We have no say so in the approval requirements, the conditions," said Fahy.

Tower Ventures is bringing this plan to the Germantown Municipal School District Board of Education for approval.

Parents hope the cell tower will be removed.

"I really hope elected officials take parents’ concerns to heart and make the right decision to keep the cell tower away from our most innocent and vulnerable children," said Warren.

FOX13 reached out to Superintendent Jason Manuel for a comment on the parent's concerns but we did not receive a response.